May 31, 2014


Sydney East ArtWalk is a great way to spend Saturday afternoon, finishing up here in the gallery for the FINNISAGE with ELIZABETH THOMSON and ERICA SECCOMBE.

Sydney East ArtWalk is an initiative of 18 prominent art galleries and art project spaces and the National Art School, in the area of East Sydney, Darlinghurst and the Cross. This is the second art walk in 2015 to offer art lovers and those interested in art a great one-afternoon experience showcasing a range of visual arts in a variety of East Sydney galleries.

ArtWalk is simple:
18 galleries will open their doors between 12 and 4 pm on Saturday 31 May 2014. At the participating galleries you will receive a comprehensive ArtWalk map with a list of the participating galleries. You can then take any route in any order to visit (or re-visit) galleries and can sip a free wine and enjoy the odd nibbles provided by the generous participating galleries. Please join us for a unique Saturday afternoon of art, drinks and food and friendly camaraderie!

NEW Walk the Talk:
We are pleased to introduce SEAW Art Talks. For 30 minute-long, Artist Talks will be held at four galleries within walking distance of one another. Visitors have time to look at the exhibitions and then make their way to the next venue. You are welcome to join these talks. You will find them specially marked on the gallery listing attached.

Participating Galleries and Exhibitions

Alaska Projects
Justin Balmain | JD Reforma
22 May – 1 June

Suellen Symons | Teresa Parker | Tom Truong
Out of Time, Out of Place
Head on Photo Festival
20 May – 7 June

Black Eye Gallery
David Maurice Smith Living in the Shadows
26 May – 1 June

Chalk Horse
Kate Mitchell Future Fallout
Tara Marynowsky Venus Of Venus

Conny Dietzschold Gallery
Pollyxenia Joannou Devolving
29 April – 31 May
TALK 12.30 – 1pm – Pollyxenia Jaonnou

The Cross Art Projects
Jacky Green Flow of Voices II
22 May – 28 June

Dominik Mersch Gallery
Elizabeth Thomson Voyage Sauvage
Erica Seccombe Grow
8 May – 31 May

The Drawing Room
Aaron Fell-Fracasso New Works
13 May – June

First Draft
Bijiana Jancic Wedge
James Nguyen 360 Radial Arc
Andre Rooks Sculpture:4
Melissa Deerson Still Life with Punches
28 May – 20 June

Gallery 9
David Ralph Commune
10 May – 1 June
TALK 3.30 – 4pm – David Ralph

King Street Gallery on William
Robert Hirschmann Dogo
13 May  – 7 June
TALK 2:30 – 3pm – Robert Hirschmann

Liverpool Street Gallery
Group Exhibition
The Collectors Exhibition
3 May  – 5 June

National Art School  – NAS Gallery
Chien-Chi Chang & Chen Chieh – Jen
24 May – 2 August

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