Emma Fielden, ‘Almost Everything I’

Emma Fielden, ‘Almost Everything I’, 2020, pen and ink on 425gsm Saunders Waterford paper, framed, 60 x 60 cm

$4,900.00 inc GST

‘Almost Everything I’ was exhibited in Emma Fielden’s 2020 solo show ‘Approaching Zero‘ at Dominik Mersch Gallery. This ink on paper work is composed of a field of tiny zeroes and a single 1, a number so large it approaches the infinite. Fielden threads together thousands of zeroes to form a trembling minimalist square, evocative of Agnes Martin. The work’s natural mirror is another work titled ‘Almost Nothing I’, which through the sleight-of-hand placement of a decimal point transforms the number into the astronomically small – in its own way approaching zero.

To view ‘Almost Nothing I’ click here.

Fielden’s minimalist and monochromatic sensibility is coupled with a sensitive approach to materials that culminates in studied, elegant meditations on the nature of infinity. Her work sits at the meeting point between science and poetics, taking form through installation, sculpture, drawing and performance. She stretches philosophies of infinite divisibility and coalescence across scales, alluding to the collision of galaxies through the merging of drawn lines, or visualising uncrossable divides in mathematics to consider the distance between two people.

Fielden began her art practice making contemporary jewellery with a focus on engraving and mark-making, and she has an earlier background in music. Since graduating from her studies in 2006, Fielden’s work has been regularly shown in solo and group exhibitions. Recent exhibitions include An Immeasurable Distance, The Lock-Up (2019); Between Stars Between Stones, Dominik Mersch Gallery (2018); To Have and To Hold: The Daadler Collection of Contemporary Jewellery, Art Gallery of South Australia (2018); Condo Complex, Patricia Conde Galeria Mexico City (2018); Drawing Conversations, National Art School (2016). She has received numerous awards such as the Paramor Prize Mayoral Award (2017), and has been a finalist in awards including the NSW Visual Arts Emerging Fellowship (2017), Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize (2017) and The Blake Prize (2016). In 2018, she was awarded the Art Omi Australia Committee Fellowship, selected to represent Australia at the Art Omi artists residency in upstate New York. Fielden is currently working from Parramatta Artists Studios Rydalmere, where she has been granted a two-year studio tenancy.

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