Juz Kitson in 2021

The Sanctuary; All That Is
06.08. - 18.09.2021

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Juz Kitson’s new body of work is luscious and audacious, presenting a gathering of free-standing porcelain sculptures at its centre that twist with chimera-like vitality. Kitson hand-moulds each element and folds them along the body of the sculpture like scales, petals or fur, appearing to bristle as if in fight or flight. Within her ‘sanctuary’, she brews a sensitivity to the fragile and fantastical through her dextrous use of materials, prompting us to acknowledge the sensual entanglements between humans and nature. In ’The Sanctuary; All That Is’, Kitson combines porcelain sculptures and wall-based installations with fur and glass, imagining nature in the throes of regeneration.

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