11.03. - 09.04.2022

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LIMINAL: Relating to or being situated at a sensory threshold; an intermediate state, phase, or condition.

The artists exhibiting in ‘Liminal’ variously separate, collide, and observe this threshold through states of darkness and light, black and white, with a monochromatic sensibility. Considering the world stripped of colour, they focus the viewer’s attention on concept, technique, and sensation, alleviated from the burden of representation. They offer us with perceptual sensations, geometries, spatial relationships, and the optical poetry of dualities held in tension. What can we find in this darkness, and conversely in the light? And what then, in the liminal space between?

‘Liminal’ Exhibition Text by Marco Rinaldi

Exhibiting Artists: Prof. Branka Spehar & Prof. Colin Clifford, Ellen Dahl, Emma Fielden, Harriet Body, James Geurts, Michaela Gleave

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