Emma Fielden

Emma Fielden’s minimalist sensibility is coupled with a sensitive approach to materials that culminates in studied meditations on the nature of infinity, the universe and our human place in it. Her work sits at the meeting point between science and poetics, taking form through installation, sculpture, drawing and performance. She stretches philosophies of infinite divisibility and coalescence across scales, alluding to the collision of galaxies through the merging of drawn lines, or visualising uncrossable divides in mathematics to consider the distance between two people.

Julie Ewington describes how Fielden “scopes the universe through the thinking about it. (She combs the history and philosophy of science, draws on recent developments in physics and astronomy, delights in mathematical conundra.) Eventually, though, this conceptual investigation comes back to humans in search of a place in creation. … So while the beauty Fielden craves is found in phenomena like the deferred drama of two black holes on a collision course, these have personal implications, which she sees in works by other artists: in Magritte’s The Lovers (1928), shrouded heads seek to kiss in the fog of existence, or in Louise Bourgeois’s wonderful 1965 drawing found at MoMA in New York, its two ovals forever nearly touching, but not quite. As Emma Fielden suggests, from the remote to the infinitesimally close, infinity lives within us all.”

Read the full text by Ewington here.

Fielden’s work has been exhibited across Australia and overseas, including in her solo show ‘An Immeasurable Distance’ at The Lock-Up, ‘To Have and To Hold’ at the Art Gallery of South Australia, and ‘Condo Complex’ at Patricia Conde Galeria in Mexico City. She has been selected as a finalist in numerous awards, including the prestigious NSW Visual Arts Emerging Fellowship held at Artspace, the Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize, and The Blake Prize. In 2018, she was awarded the Art Omi Australia Committee Fellowship, selected to represent Australia at the Art Omi artists residency in upstate New York. Fielden was a resident at Parramatta Artists’ Studios from 2016 – 2021, and is currently based in Sydney.


‘Dialogue’ (excerpt), 2020, performance with limestone, HD video with sound. Video filmed by Liam Benson. Performed by Emma Fielden and Tarik Ahlip at Parramatta Artists’ Studios Rydalmere, filmed by Dara Gill, commissioned by Parramatta Artists’ Studios.

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